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Artefacts are passive items that provide beneficial effects to the master or monsters

Gaining artefacts[edit | edit source]

There are several ways to obtain (or upgrade) an artefact:

  • Reward after a successful dungeon defence
  • Sending a monster in the 2nd choice during business trip.
  • Rare bonus reward in some plunder locations.
  • Random event.
    • Stocktake - Take free Artefact
    • Icarus - Take free Artefact
    • Armchair Alchemist - Encourage to transform a random artefact into another random artefact
    • Selfless Favour - Random Artefact upgrade (Triggers only after several positive choices during R&D events)

Only 5 artefacts can be held at a time. Gaining an artefact while having the max amount will prompt the player to throw out the new one or replace a currently held one with it.

Optionally a random artefact can be sold for a hefty amount of gold during The Collector random event.

List of artefacts[edit | edit source]

Name Image Type Description Notes
Aegis Aegis.png Creatures Creatures gain +10/20/30 Armor.
Bewitched Glove Bewitched Glove.png Debuff Each hero has 30/65/100% chance to be affected by Elemental Weakness (3) at the start of a dungeon.
Chalice of Youth Chalice of Youth.png Skeletons Skeletons gain +10/20/30% Life.
Crystal Skull Crystal Skull.png Skeletons 15/25/35% chance that monsters killed come back to life as a Skeleton Warrior. Does not work while a Paladin with her unique passive skill is alive.
Demonic Pendant Demonic Pendant.png Debuff Each hero has 30/65/100% chance to be affected by Demoralized (3) at the start of a dungeon. Does not work on Heroes with Demoralized or DoT immunity.
Enchanted Cogs Enchanted Cogs.png Traps Traps deal 20/35/50% additional damage and Morale.
Fang of Melinda Fang of Melinda.png Demons Demons' attacks regenerate their Life by 15/25/35% of damage dealt
Horn of Plenty Horn of Plenty.png Motivation Fallen monsters have 15/35/50% chance to lose 1 less Motivation.
Imbued Catalyst Imbued Catalyst.png Elementals Elementals have 20/35/50% chance to apply 1 additional effect stack.
Loyalty Card Loyalty Card.png Shop Merchant's Prices reduced by 20/35/50%.
Magic Purse Magic Purse.png Gold Gold gained increased by 20/35/50%.
Miraculous Pill Miraculous Pill.png Motivation Burnout duration of monsters reduced by 2/3/4 weeks. Affects all unavailability events, including injuries.
Mysterious Screwdriver Mysterious Screwdriver.png Traps Each trap has 10/15/20% chance to gain Multiaction (1).
Prismatic Stone Prismatic Stone.png Elementals Elementals gain +5/10/15 to all Resistances
Ring of Wrath Ring of Wrath.png Creatures Creatures have a 20/35/50% chance to gain Enraged (3) when they are attacked. Only triggers if the monster takes damage.
Sceptre of Destiny Sceptre of Destiny.png Bonus Monsters have a 20/40/50% chance to start each fight with a random Bonus.
Totem of Strength Totem of Strength.png Demons Demons gain +10/20/30% Power
Troll Beer Troll Beer.png Motivation Monsters deal 15/35/50% additional damage and Morale when their Motivation is full.

Unimplemented artefacts[edit | edit source]

Name Image Type Description Notes
Grandmaster's Dumbbell Trainer ?/?/?% chance to improve a monster by an additional level in the Trainer.
? Trainer Monster upgrade costs reduced by 10/20/30%.
? Engineer Trap improvement costs reduced by 20/40/60%.
? Engineer ?/?/?% chance of improving a trap of an additional level for the engineer.
Overclocked Engine Overclocked Engine.png Mechas Mechas gain +10/15/20 Speed.
Protection Amulet Protection Amulet.png (Unknown)
Rabbit's Foot Rabbits Foot.png ?/?/?% more chance to have an Artefact offered as a dungeon reward.
Revealing Lense Revealing Lense.png Mechas Mechas deal 20/35/50% additional damage to heroes affected by Penalties.